Why Its Important to Take Care of AC Repairs Before It Warms Up


If you want to guarantee that your home remains comfortable this season, the greatest time to have any AC repairs and preventative maintenance completed is in the spring. The last thing you want is to have to send for an AC repair in the hottest part of the Lake Charles summer, when HVAC technicians are hectic. You won’t want to sacrifice your contentment holding out for a repair slot to come open. At ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, we have a lot of appointments open each spring to complete preemptive maintenance and AC repairs so our clients stay comfortable all summer.

We notify our consumers to do whatever they can to prevent a possibly pricey breakdown that would demand AC repair during the summer. In Lake Charles, our schedules become very crammed when the temperatures get higher and higher. Evading a expensive AC repair isn’t the only reason to have your air conditioner serviced in the spring. A upkept air conditioner will run at peak efficiency and will be more dependable in keeping you cozy during the summer. Actually, routine annual check-ups of your air conditioner might virtually pay for itself with the cash you could save on utility bills. In addition, an air conditioner that’s well-maintained generally has a greater lifespan than one that is only checked when it’s too late.

Call ACR Air Conditioning & Heating Inc in Lake Charles today to schedule preemptive maintenance or any AC repairs that need to be done before the heat hits. You’ll be thankful you did on those toasty days this summer. We can be found at 337-335-0992 if you want to arrange an appointment with us. We are here to keep you comfortable!

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